Traveling to Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam 29th of June – 3rd of July 2017.


29th of July, 2017

It’s my first travel overseas. I went to Vietnam for 10 days, 5 days in Ho Chi Minh and 5more days in Da nang. lets start with Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh (HCMC) was a famous city for tourist. Many people all over the world would visit HCMC definitely. There were many nice attractions in the downtown, especially in District 1, famous backpacker street surrounded by coffe shop, night club, bars , and beautiful garden (23 park). There were 3 attractions near by, such as Notre Dame saigon, Saigon central Post-office and Imperial Palace.

Actually there were some famous places like Tan Dinh (Pink Church, far away from district 1) and Ben Than Market (scam always happened here, the price up to 150% more expensive). i would tell you little bit about my experience here.

Once i bought souvenir (key chain) in Ben Than Market, 30 pieces of it, they costed me 500.000 vnd (vietnamese currency), i tried to bargain and she gave me 400.000, then i kept silent, thinking for 5minutes, at the same time another buyer bought the same souvenir, they tried to bargain, then the seller whispered the price to them. i listened to them secretly. they got it. when they were gonna leave , i asked them with hidden gesture to say HOW MUCH? one of them said “2hundred twenty”, pretending to see another seller and 2 minutes later i asked the price again, its still 400.000. i said, “well 210.000 i will take it” the seller asked ” how can you change the price easily, tell me the reason?”   me ” it must be half price!, if its okay, i will take it, or no at all” then finally she said ” okay” hahha I Got YOu !!! 210.000 for 30 vietnamese key chains , in my opinion, it should be only 180.000 vnd.

I would tell you another story about  a pack of Coffee, Trung Nguyen Coffee in Ben Than Market. they would cost you 100g = 100.000vnd, 500g = 500.000vnd, So fucking expensive!  My chinese friends bought the coffee, and they got 250g = 250.000vnd. i was still wondering about the reall price, so i decided to buy it later. then i went to minimart or vinamart,or 7eleven, just to make sure the price. i found a grocery store, and bought coffee there, 500g = 60.000 vnd , Whattt!!! so damn cheap! LoL

can you see the real price, cant you?

500g = 500.000vnd (fake) not real price, not recommended to buy coffee in Ben than Market, supermarket will be better than Ben than market i guess.

500g=60.000vnd ONLY, i suggest you to buy it in the grocery store or local store.

well, lets talk about the attractions.

I went to Norte Dame Saigon, Saigon Post-Office, HoChiMinh Hall, Imperial palace, 23park near district 1,  Pink Church far away from district 1. i told you that the post-office and  Norte Dame were “(STARTING POINT)” the key of your direction, It would take you to another attractions near by. 5minute to imperial palace , 10 minutes to HoChiMinh hall, 15 minutes to BenThan market, 20 minutes to district 1 and 23park BY FOOT!!! those all were near to each other.  except pink church and pagoda, 50minutes by foot.

The most interesting thing was, indonesian would became a “tourist” suddenly, many people would stare at you, they also tried to speak english with you. it made me speechless, Now i knew what foreigner (tourist) felt when they came to Indonesia. its just exactly like what i experienced in vietnam. I Was A Tourist , they called me a foreigner Lol

The best thing i found there was many young people, especially university students were very enthusiastic to learn english, even you could find many english club/class at night held in many coffee shops. it made me so surprised and opened my eyes widely, suddenly i felt ashamed of myself. i was really proud of youg people there.

In my opinion, Ho Chi Minh for 5days i thought its enough to visit all the attractions there. its time to move to Da nang, the next great city in vietnam. to be continued… 😛


Transportation to Maeklong Railway Market -Bangkok- 14 June 2018

It was a good clear day,i was getting ready to explore bangkok. There are some places on my bucket list, such as the temples, khaosan road, husky’s house, asiatique and maeklong railway market. That day i wanted to go to the temples by public bus though it was my first time and i still had no idea about it. Then i took a random bus which was i thought heading to the city centre. On my way somewhere idk yet, i checked the map on internet, the bus went to the opposite direction but i tried to think positively. After 5 minutes going away, i started to get confused what to do. Thinking to stop and get down but still i didnt take any action. Then i checked to the map again, just in case to make sure whether there was a good place nearby to visit. Suddenly i realized that the bus was heading to maeklong railway market which was really far from the city centre. The driver asked me about where would you get down. Then i told them that i would go to Sai Tai Mai bus terminal. I just hoped that i can find bus or van to take me to Maeklong Railway Market. Randomly i asked people around, fortunately i found the van that will take me there. I was so happy at that time, taking a risk was sometimes worth to try. I felt so relived finally i was on my way to the famous market. It was a long drive, i slept for a while. It took me an hour from the bus terminal to Maeklong Railway Market. I got down, strolling around the market and looking for information about what time the train will come. Finally i got the train schedule: arrival time: 8.30am , 11.00am , 2.30pm , 5.40pm(not recommended) train departures: 9.00am , 11.30am , 3.30pm. i suggest you to visit this place in the morning around 9am, just in case you dont miss the train and there are still less people so you can take picture or video well.

From City centre to Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal 

Bus no 159, 164, 201, 539, 542 (28 and 515 recommended)        it will cost you 15 Bath

Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal to Maeklong Railway market by Van = 60 Bath

Nb: From Maeklong back to Sai Tai Mai, check your map, look for Maeklong Van Station located in front of Phutthaloetla Hospital.

Another way = Go to Mo Chit bus station, look for Van station aorund, counter 212, ask them about Maeklong Railway Market (90 Bath)


A homy hostel with beautiful sunset view from balcony. -Bangkok- June 12, 2018

What do you feel when you plan to travel to the country you’ve never been there before? Nervous? Afraid? Happy? Enthusiastic? Insecure?

Some people are happy and enthusiastic to travel. Some people are afraid of travelling away from their home. It’s all about choices actually. You choose to be open-minded person to see another countries with their own cultures and landscapes. Or You choose to stay at home, going to the same places with the same routines and enjoying the same vibes. Which one do you prefer?

Well its all up to you then.  You have your own life, Your own world, Your own journey which is must be different with the others. But for me, i choose to travel as long as i still have annual holidays!

Here, im going to share with you about my first time solo travelling to Thailand.

“See you next time KL” i silently said it to myself when my flight was flying to Bangkok. I didn’t know what will happen there during my stay for 8days. At least i already read some articles about Bangkok and got some information how to survive there. The reasons why i visited Thailand were getting to know the local daily routines, people, food, cultures, temples, and definitely new vibes. I had no idea whether people could speak english or not. I didnt care actually as it would be the challenge for me to communicate with locals or ask for direction just in case when i got lost.

I arrived Don Mueang Airport around 1pm. Then, I bought sim card AIS 150 Bath. I rushed to look for the sign “EXIT 6” as it would lead me to the airport bus stop. There were 4 buses (A1, A2, A3, A4) that will take you to the downtown. I took A4 bus which cost me 50 Bath. I went down to Democracy monument, the city centre.  Then i opened my map to see where the Chinatown was. I booked hostel in Chinatown area, located a little bit away from the downtown because it had great view at the balcony. I stayed there for 4 days for culinary and chilling out.

The weather was really hot, almost 40° C. i was sweating bucket bringing a backpack and sling bag. I made sure the location i was going to go was right. It’s about 4 km away. I didn’t want to take “tuk tuk’ because i was afraid of getting scammed. Finally, I decided to walk, stared at my the whole time to see the direction. After walking more and less about an hour, i found my hostel. I checked in and paid for deposit key 100 Bath that would be given back after checking out. I went to my room which was exactly next to the balcony and got amazed to see very good facilities they offered. I went to the balcony to enjoy beautiful view. It was really breathtaking, the ships passing by on the big river, the sun was going down, faded away behind the bridge. i thought that i would enjoy great sunset during my stay here.

The day turned to dark, i went to the receptionist desk before having my dinner. i asked about the time for breakfast tomorrow morning. I asked them about the hostel as well. It was still a new hostel in 2017. They asked my opinion/ suggestion about the hostel, what should be added or changed to make it better.  I suggested them to provide motorbike and laundry service if they could make it possible.


If you are looking for a strategic and cozy hostel, i suggest you to stay in Urby Hostel, Chinatown.

Near the bus shelter.

Good place for culinary and shopping.

Beautiful cityscape at night.

Hoi An, the Ancient City in Vietnam.

6th of july 2017

I woke up early morning, still tired but i had to use my time wisely because it was my last day in Da Nang. My vietnamese friend, Ruby invited me to have breakfast together. Then , i told my frined Reza to be ready in 15minutes. we went to the street food and we ate “Cau Lao” its thick noodle with egg, pork, sprout and mint leaves. It was delicious but i did not like mint leaves at all, Poor me.

wordpress caulao da nang

After having breakfast, we went back to Ruby’s coffeeshop. We had nice talk about travelling and english class. Ruby, held english class at night 3 times a week in her coffeeshop. I was so amazed and speechless to see the spirit of vietnamese teenagers to learn english. It really motivated me to learn english more and more,for i was not good enough at english. We’re still learning though.

Ruby 2

Time ran so fast, its already 3pm. My friend and i, had an appointment with Da Nang free tour to visit Ancient city, Hoi An. They picked us up around 3.30pm, directly headed to Hoi An. It took about 50 minutes to get there. We parked in a local house and took shortcut, so we could directly be in the area of japanese ancient bridge at Hoi an. It felt like i was a local, not a tourist anymore. That’s why its better for you to travel with locals 😀

We were so lucky because the weather is clear and the sunset was wonderful. Hoi an never stop to made me amazed. The atmosphere felt like an old time life, the village was still old fashioned. The river in the middle of the village made it perfect. Many people took selfie on rowing boats. Sometimes, there was a couple did prewedding photoshoot on a rowing boat or with colorful lantern.




Hoi an 1

Hoi an

Pre wedding at Hoi an




Hoi an 3

If you like culinary, you can find many traditional food here.

The food will cost you 25.000 – 60.000 Vnd , drink is about 15.000 – 30.000 Vnd

Entrance fee (tcket) is about 100.000 – 150.000.   

i went there for free because i was with local. So lucky to have local friends there 😀

Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Hoi An

5th of july 2017

I didn’t have enough sleep and woke up early. I cooked fried rice for my travelmate because he could not eat any vietnamese food, he didn’t eat pork though. I started my day with coffee while we still waited for the hometown to pick us up. I hoped that coffee made me awake and ready for that day. Then, at 9am , 2 university students came around, we were ready to go.

We made an appoinment with Cristine (korean girl i told you in the previous story) to meet near the beach. Cristine also had the same plan witu us, we planned to visit pottery village and marble mountain with the hometown. Its already 10am, we already gathered together. We headed to the pottery village directly. we arrived there in 40minutes, its not that far anyway. We walked around the village looking for the best place to make pottery art. We finally found the place and asked the potter, an old vietnamese woman to teach us how to make the pottery. My travelmate, Reza and Cristine were very excited to make the pottery. Then, they made it one by one helped by the potter. Christine tried to make a vase and Reza made a tea cup. They really enjoyed the process of making the pottery. Then, i saw 2 old woman making potteries next to our place. I approached them and took many pictures . I also watched the process to make the pottery. It seemed easy, you had to be patient. Then, they had to dry it under the sun for about 20minutes. After the pottery was already dry, they painted it to finish.

Pottery class will cost you about 25.000Vnd. If you go there with a tour, it will be more expensive. 

Wordpress pottery

pottery place


Pottery christine

Pottery ahonk

Pottery 1Pottery

The pottery class was over in an hour. Its time for having lunch. We went to the market nearby, we ate Cau Lau (noodle mixed with vegetables, completed with pork). The noodle was different, it was thick like a chopstick Lol. We drank a cup of special green tea made in vietnam. Vietnamese people usually made a cup of tea without sugar. Vietnamese tea = No Sugar! We were full, already got more energy to continue our trip.

We headed to marble mountain, it took 30minutes. We parked our motorbike a little bit far away from the entrance gate. I was wondering and following the way where they would take me. Then, we walked to the other side and i just realized that we took a shortcut Lol :D, so we didn’t pay for the entrance fee ticket. That was the good thing if you explored the area with local people. For me, It would be better to know or make friends with local people whenever you are.

Entrance fee for Marble mountain was 40.000Vnd.

We walked through a beautiful small garden. We went into 2 different caves. Each cave had different characteristic. Then, we walked the way up to the top of the mountain. We got to the top in 15minutes, the scenery up there was really stunning. We could see the town and beach as well. We stayed up there for 20minutes, made videos and took selfie Lol 😀

Marble M 4


Marble M 5


Marble M 8

Marble M 1

Marble M 7

We finished the tour at 4pm, our time was up. Then i asked Cristine (korean girl) to chill out at My Khe beach. Then, the hometown took us home to take our swim suit and dropped us at the beach. So, there were only 3 people left, Reza, Christine and me. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, with some nice beers. I swam for 30minutes, i was really fun. My first time to enjoy swiming in the beach. It was not deep and safe to swim there. It was like a swimming pool though. After swimming, we had nice time talking about anything, traveling, job, family, and soon. Suddenly, the heavy rain came, we moved to the tent around the beach, sitting on the bench and continued our coversation. Its about an hour we waited for the rain to stop. Then, we looked for a cab/ taxi for Cristine. After she left, we went back to my friend’s  coffee shop by foot Lol 😀 it was like doing exercise everyday. We arrived the coffee shop in 1.5 hours. We got really tired,but happy. It was a wonderful day. We made a tight schedule and got so much fun at that day.

Traveling to Da Nang, Vietnam 3rd to 8th of July 2017 // the second day in Da Nang //

Day 2 A

day 2 d

day 2 b

Linh Ung pagoda 3

Linh Ung pagoda 2

4th of July 2017

Ling Ung Pagoda (Lady Buddha) in Son Tra Penesula, Pink Church, and Dragon Bridge.

On Tuesday, my friend and i planned to visit a Big Lady Buddha with Hometown

(a community organized by Da Nang university students). We knew them from couchsurfing app, we sent message to them 2 days before we arrived in Da nang. We made an appointment at 9am on Tuesday. They picked us up and took us to Son Tra Penesula. It took 30 minutes to get there. I was really excited to see a huge lady Buddha. I was wondering how can people make this marble bodhisattva statue. Its 67-meter high, the highest marble statue in Da Nang. I was curious about the story behind the Ling Ung Padoda. I asked my vietnamese friends to explain it to me. They told me that it was about 4 chosen people to do a journey to the west to find a holy book. suddenly something came up in my mind,It might be “Kera Sakti”. Then i tried to make sure, “is it about a powerful monkey story? SunGo Kong? I mean san po kong, i dont know his real name is. He has a magical golden stick. His friend is a pig man, cut pa kai. Am i right?”

“Yeah, its the same story i guess, but we have different name of it”she answered.

“So, the lady buddha, that huge statue is dewi quang in, isn’t it?” i said,pointing the statue.

“I think so, it might be the same story but in vietnam we have another name of it”

“ yeah, i got it, i am thinking of Kera Sakti story and wanted to watch the movie again. It’s a real story, now i just prove it by myself. I am in negri khayangan now hahaha”

I took pictures as many as possible, i didn’t want to miss the moment here.

It was so damn hot there, My friends and i moved to the shadow. We had nice conversation and laughed together. Then, we met with another new friends from Hometown. She was with a foreigner, korean. They approached us and we made friends at that time. The korean woman is Christine (Sooyah Jun,her korean name). They joined with us, we were 7 people. It would be more fun hanging out with many new friends. We took pictures together happily, explored the area together, and did culture exchange as well.

As time passed by, we had great time together. Its already at 12pm, we moved to the next place called a green lake. It was not far away from Ling Ung Pagoda. We arrived the lake at 12.15pm, we sat under the tree enjoying the beautiful lake. I asked Cristine for photoshoot, she was so excited to do that. She looked very happy and cheerful. We spent about 1 hour there. Then , we went to a coffee shop at Da Nang university, we had a nice cup of ice coffee. We called it, Coffee Sua, pure coffee with milk. For me, it was the best coffee ever in vietnam, it was not that bitter, its little bit sweet Lol. I could not enjoy the bitter one actually. I told you that the taste was totally different, the coffee here was really good.

One of my vietnamese friends (our tour guide) took a guitar, we sang a song like we were in a karaoke room Lol. We started to be hungry, its noon and time for lunch. We tried to look for a small restaurant nearby. We found the restaurant, i ordered quang noodle. It was really good, i really liked the pork. Almost every food in vietnam contained pork.


After having lunch, We went to pink old church. Its touristic place, many tourists especially korean were there. I thought that Da Nang was a popular destination for korean Lol. I was still curious about the church, why was it pink? I prefer young blue rather than pink anyway. For me, pink meant girly and feminime. It might be a church only for women. I didn’t know the story though, just tried to guess hahaha. We were there for about 40minutes. It was enough for us to see around. Then we went to our last place, Dragon bridge. It was cloudy and we didn’t see the sunset. Its okay, at least we already had photos together there haha. The bridge was pretty awesome, but i thought it would be great if we came here at night. The sun was gone, we went back home. My friend and i arrived home (my friend’s coffee shop) at 6pm. We had a short rest and took a shower. We still had an appoinment with the girls we met in the coffee shop. They were Ruby’s students. They invited us to have special vietnamese dinner at 7pm.

They picked us up at 7pm, we had dinner together near the dragon bridge. i was thinking that it would be better if i asked them to take me to the dragon bridge after dinner. We had a new kind of food for dinner anyway, its snail ,they called it snail, but i called it escargot, both animals were almost the same actually. I was not sure to eat it at first, but i tried to eat it slowly. But what happened after i eat the first snail? IT WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!

So tasty, I love it!! Wanna eat moreeee indeed!!!

We really had a great dinner with them. They were friendly and talkative. They asked many things about indonesia, we had nice conversation at that time.  After dinner, we finally went to love bridge (next to the dragon bridge) to see the sparkling dragon bridge. It was so beautiful at night. I was so amazed to see it. Thank you friends for bringing us here. We felt tired and we went home. Before going to sleep, we tried to figure out where would we go in the next day. Then we sent a message to lila, the leader of Hometown (a community organised by Da Nang university students) that we decided to go with Hometown again. Lila told us that she could make it for the next day. Good news!!!

It was the end of the 2nd day in Da Nang. I would tell you about what happened in the next day. To be continued… 😛

Traveling to Da Nang, Vietnam 3rd – 8th of July 2017 // The first day in Da nang //


3rd of July 2017

I went to another city called Da Nang. Da nang is famous with its beaches, dragon bridge and Lady Buddha. Da nang is also near Ho An, its about 1 hour to there. The first time i traveled to Da Nang, i could guess that the city was not big enough, and it did not take much time to visit all the attractions,maybe i could finish them only in 2 days. I saw and learnt the map of Da Nang using MAPS.ME app, i thought that it would be easy to explore Da Nang by myself. I just arrived there in the afternoon at 12:00pm, i sent message to my vietnamese friend, Ngoc (Ruby is her english name) and Hong Son (her husband). I knew Ruby on Couchsurfing app, I asked for staying in her house for 5 days a month before i did the trip. A week later she replied my message, saying “ yes, you will stay with my community) i was wondering about what she meant by community, i thought it was her house or maybe her boarding house. At least i got a place to stay, i did not care if i slept on the floor or anywhere.

Lets us go back to my arrival in Da Nang , after sent her message finaly i got her address. Then i used MAPS.ME to find the location. I tried to discuss it with my friend about how to get there. I told him that its not far away from the airport, showed the map to him directly. I asked him to walk to Ruby’s house, without thinking too much, he was agree with me. Its really fucking hot outside, while we walked already for around 50minutes guided by MAPS.ME Lol. My friend was worried that we got lost, but i tried to calm him down, “dont worry, we’re almost get there. Just walk along the street and we’ll get there soon”. He looked tired and we stopped in a small shop to buy drinks. The seller spoke vietnames and we spontaneously used our gesture (body language) to communicate with her. We got the drinks after 2 minutes doing silly thing just to make her understand what we want to buy. 10 minutes later, we continued our journey to find the hidden place ,sounds overatted  though lol.  We kept walking for 2 hours with our heavy backpacks and finally found her place according to the address she gave to me. I was a little bit courious about the place,It was a coffeeshop, i saw 4 young girls drinking coffee and suddenly a man approached me and asked “ are you ruby’s friend? Ruby tell me to wait for you”

Me “ yes, im ruby’s fiend,i know her from couchsurfing. I asked for staying in her house for 5 day”      He answered “im Hong Son, please come in and take a sit. I will show your room later”

We sat down next to the young girls, they said hello to us and tried to speak english asking about our nationality and soooo on. 10 mintues later, Ruby secretly walked behind us, the girls looked at her and told us “ She is mrs.Ruby”. I looked back and smiled to her, “Hiiiiii Ruby, finally i meet you, im already waiting for you”  i said.

“Hi guys, we’re also waiting for you. I think you would be here in 20 minutes, why are you so long?”

Me “ im so sorry to make you wait, because we walk here from the airport. We dont take a cab or bus, we think that your place is near from the airport. It takes 2hours to get here lol”

“ WHAATTTTT??? Why dont you take a cab or grab? You guys looked tired and sweaty, i will show your room, you can put all your stuff and have a rest”

Ruby told me about the coffee shop, its hers. She ran it since 6 months ago assisted by Hong, her future husband (a week later they will get married). She told me that she had an english club in the coffee shop 3 times a week, she asked me to help her students to learn english. The coffee shop was usually crowded, many university students learnt english there.

We were already in our room. My friend looked really tired, i asked him to have a rest.  I looked at my watch, Its still 5 pm. I told Ruby that i wanted to go to the beach by myself. She showed me the direction and i went there by myself. It took 1 hour walking from ruby’s coffee shop to the beach. Not that far enough i guess, when i saw the Map. Its 6pm, the sunset was about 30minutes to go down. I was little bit shocked, why was the sun still up thereee, seemed like 5pm,but its already 6pm though. I  experienced new thing at that time hahahhaaaaa i took videos and i was amazed with the beach and people there as well Lol So Wonderrffulllll tonight -___- no tonight anyway !! Just so fucking wonderful!! Many people swam , kids played sand,burried himself with the sand, and many boats. I really liked the beach. Its nice to chill out and enjoy the sunset. There was no entrance fee here, you only need to pay 5000vnd for parking if you go here by motobike. I took many pictures there. The sunset was at 6.30pm. i stayed there till 7pm and went back to ruby’s coffee shop.


Da nang is a smalll city, you can go to the beach easily and never get lost. The beaches are exactly next to the main road. You can see them when you are driving your car or riding your motorbike along the road. The cheapest way to get there is by foot, its healthy for you,just like doing exercise Lol. Many hotels or hostels nearby, you can book it and maybe its only 10 to 15minutes by foot. The best thing is you can find many beers, and its fucking cheap, you can have some beers at the beach. it will be your great day. The beach is well-equipped,you can find many showers if you wantto clean your body after swimming.


That was the first day in Da Nang. There were still 4 days left before i flied to Kuala Lumpur. The 2nd day story would be written soon hhahaa